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Other's say it best...

"The transparency arrived at 11:00 am...It's kind of rare that everyone here, technical editors and graphics people alike, agrees on something, but there were no dissenting voices on your work!"
-Kathleen H.

"...thank you for your excellent work in producing a beautiful Gourmet Art Calendar. Everyone I have shown it to thinks
it is just amazing."
-Michael B.



Lois Parks Decastro   Graphic Designer   Fine Artist   Teacher

How to make more sense of your marketing design.

Design for marketing is much more than creating attractive design work. It requires a keen interest in your business, razor sharp design skills, and the experience to run projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

For over 20 years, I've designed marketing materials for print.  Materials that make sense, designwise, budgetwise, and marketingwise.

I've worked in a wide range of industries, high tech, low tech, services, for-profit and not-for-profit entities, creating innovative materials for advertising, marketing, public relations, fundraising, publications, direct mail and trade show graphics.

Direct mail is a specialty. Response and conversion to sales are the direct marketing team's scorecard. As a DM designer, I have to be in sync with the marketing and copy team, with a clear understanding of key sales points. I'm experienced dealing with long copy, and know how to make sales points leap off the page. I design for the most efficient use of space and for printing and postal economy. Since DM sales copy does the heavy lifting of salesmanship, design must be even more creative and bold to make the mail piece attractive, compelling, engaging and convincing in order to help response. There are many devices a direct mail designer must know about --  Johnson boxes, snipes and lift notes are just a few. If your direct mail graphics aren't laser-focused on presenting a clear and compelling sales message you can be sure you're not getting all the response possible. I make every square inch of DM sell, and have done dozens of DM projects successfully doing just that. 

My clients get years of design experience that add up to more dollars and sense. Plus, they get reasonable fees, cost-effective solutions, efficient project management, and a wellspring of creative ideas. With a practical approach to graphic design, we can strengthen your brand, motivate your prospects, customers, clients or community. I work in partnership with you to produce work that meets your objectives and stays on budget.

Tight deadline, slim budget? No problem. That's when experience really counts.

I'm at home working with the PR department, advertising and marketing departments, direct mail/marketing department or directly with small business owners, organization directors, and communications/publication directors. My experience spans business-to-business, business-to-consumer, products, services, publishing, non-profit and the arts.

See my full design portfolio here.

Imagination, creativity and business saavy, what a combination. If you'd like to find out how I can help you make more marketing sense for your design budget, contact me at

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